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This wine rack by Iron Design Company wine rack holds to a half case, the fluid shape of this wine rack appears to be molded by the wine bottles themselves. Very, very nice.





Designer Lauren Golembiewski created the Honey Moon Wine concept as a promotion ‘ that would be sent out for the first day of summer. The concept is based on the the first full moon in June, which occurs near the first day of summer. It is seen as the most optimal time to harvest honey and thus, called the honey moon. ‘



Very nice bottle design by WORK Labs for White Fences Vineyard’s Meteor Merlot. Looks goodness!



The FNB Whiskey Live Festival which has auctioned the Mortlach 70 Year Old last year, is all set to auction two 200ml bottles of the Glenlivet 70 Year Old this year, which qualifies as the world’s oldest whiskey. In addition to making their first appearance in South Africa this year, the whiskey will also be available at the Tops at Spar auction during the Festival. The Glenlivet 70 Year Old which was produced in 1940 has a deep amber color and flecked with tawny lights. It emanates a blend of rich aromas such as the old cocktail cabinet, sherry notes, polished wood, soft leather, trace of candle wax and some fruity essences on the backnotes. The single malt is encased in a beautiful tear-shaped hand-blown crystal decanter with an elegant British Hallmarked silver topper.

The whiskey released under Gordon & MacPhail Generations Label has limited number of bottles of the liqueur supplied all over the world and all the proceeds will be donated to Foundation for Alcohol Related Research (FARR). The world’s oldest bubbly is not going to come cheap, that’s for certain. The 700ml decanters of the Glenlivet 70 Year Old retails for $21,000, while the 200ml bottles retail for $5,000, in the UK.

RMN_LIFESTYLE.jpg Luxurylaunches is keen to share a connoisseur’s tips about enjoying Cognac to its fullest. Reckoned to be the preferred drink of wealthy and famous, Cognac is actually favored for its rich flavor. Vincent Cleme, the Brand Ambassador of LOUIS XIII India for Remy Martin​, has been generous to share his knowledge and expertise with us about this glorious drink and how to savor it.’

The right excuse –
Drinking wine and spirits is never about the drink you choose but all about the experience you build around it. Old beliefs die hard, however, drinking a cognac nowadays, does not mean only enjoying a snifter after dinner by the fireplace at home anymore.
Whether you are planning to spend the night clubbing with colleagues or chilling out at home with old good friends, there is a cognac for you and always a perfect way to enjoy it! As the saying goes, the best thing is nothing but the one that fits you…

The right elixir at the right temperature –
Cognac is not a “meditating” drink anymore. Like wines, there are some younger “every day” cognacs which can be consumed in a more easy / fashion way. At a party, younger VS (aged minimum 2 years) or VSOP (minimum 4 years) would be the right one to choose for a long drink, a cool cocktail or on ice. Even more happening are the frozen shots of VSOP, like Remy Chill de Remy Martin, to be enjoyed at -18 degrees with cranberry juice, apple juice or even energizing drinks… The variations are limitless, depending on your mood!

The right glass –
For cocktails, logically opt for a long drink glass or a martini glass. Choose a shooter glass for chilled shots and a tumbler glass for on-ice consumption. However, should you want to enjoy a good cognac in its purest form – neat – you owe it to the nectar to select the best drinking vessel and ensure the best tasting experience.

Essentially, the idea is to give it the largest surface area possible while closing it at the rim to concentrate the aromas up to the nose and get the best introduction to the palate. While it is believed to intensify the aromas, the snifter also concentrates the alcohol vapors straight to the nose, which can annihilate the whole experience. That’s the main reason why cognac specialists recommend to best serve it in a cellar-master glass or in a tulip shaped wine glass.


The right pace –
Despite the new ways of drinking cognac, a good cognac remains the perfect companion of a true moment of peace and relaxation in a hectic day. The same way a chilled shot glass has to be gulped down, a good cognac must on the contrary be savored…

  • Observe

Start by pouring 20-25 ml in the glass and heat it in your palm for 8-10 minutes to intensify the aromas. Take this very same time to look at your cognac – eyes are the first step of a proper tasting. Notably, look at the color – it characterizes the age of cognac. For example, the light-straw color points to young cognacs while straw-yellow, amber, golden and auburn-red to older.


  • Sniff it right

It’s time to smell, but again, let’s take the appropriate time… positioning a 40 degree cognac close to your nose too quickly could spoil the experience. Start by positioning the glass close to your stomach. You will be surprised by the power of “montant” odors which rise from your belt up to your nose. Slowly raise the glass whilst inhaling to prepare your nose. Once the glass reaches your face, put the nose to the edge of the wineglass and inhale. It’s usually floral or fruit odours you first smell such as violets, iris, rose, pear, cherry, apricot, plum, fig, quince, grapefruit, jasmine, orange zest, nut, or peach. Come off and shake up your cognac before bringing the glass to the nose again, slowly inhale and now enjoy a full bouquet of flowers, fruits, wood, spices etc. Repeat this three or four time. Each time, a change in the bouquet will be very noticeable.

  • Time to taste

Now, let’s taste the cognac, but first, wet your lips in the cognac and take a small sip to coat your mouth and prepare your palate for the tasting. Only then, should you take a mouthful and enjoy it. You will immediately sense if the Cognac is round, if it is short or long, and if you can taste the same elements as those you smelled. If all of if it falls into place, and you enjoy it, than you found a right Cognac for you

Amidst choices to truly indulge your senses in pure ecstasy, comes the ultra luxe cognac LOUIS XIII. Nicknamed The King of Cognacs, everything about it is exceptional and having a glass of LOUIS XIII becomes a true unique experience. Imagine: When you swish Remy Martin’s deep amber-colored LOUIS XIII around in your mouth, you actually taste 1200 Eaux-de-Vie from the fertile hillsides of the Grande Champagne area, the best cognac terroir, aged up to 100 years and blended together! One sip, and the precious nectar’s mahogany color unveils a cognac with a polyphony of tasting notes evoking dried fruits, the smell of incense with hints of sandalwood. With the next sip comes a firework of countless aromas including plum, ginger, cinnamon and Cuban cigars, unveiling the softness and smoothness of the eaux-de-vie.


The perfect pairing –
The perfect pairing heightened the pleasure of cognac drinking. The connoisseurs prefer to pair it with cigar, chocolate, caviar or cheese, depending on individual preference.


One should not limit the legacy of cognac to food; cognac is the excellent partner of unforgettable times. A good cognac shared with family or friends in evening, relaxing by the symphonies of Beethoven or Mozart makes for the perfect moment. So next time, you want to cherish memories with your loved ones, don’t forget that there is a cognac for every occasion.

About the author –
All the views expressed in this article are personal. Vincent Cleme is Brand Ambassador, LOUIS XIII India for Remy Martin.

Rémy Martin is one of the oldest cognac houses with 300 years of history and wine-growing experience. The House of Rémy Martin only produces Fine Champagne cognac, gathering eaux-de-vie from Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne, the two best areas in Cognac region. Remy Martin is n°1 in the world in superior quality cognacs.

A Century in a bottle, LOUIS XIII de Remy Martin, is among the oldest and finest Cognacs in the world. It is the unique blend of 1200 Eaux-de-Vie, all from Grande Champagne, the best Cognac terroir and aged up to 100 years in century old casks

Arts & Culture: The 1800 Tequila Essential Artists series celebrates a dynamic range of original artwork on a unique and unexpected medium — bottles of 100% Agave Silver Tequila. Up-and-coming artists from New York to Hawaii were invited to submit their artwork to be featured on 11 bottles of 1800 Tequila; an additional celebrity artist was commissioned to complete the 12th and final piece for the year. This marks the second annual collection of limited-edition Essential Artists bottles.

2009’s special-edition bottle was designed by Studio Number One, a group of rising star designers founded in 2003 by artist Shepard Fairey, who gained global notoriety recently for his Obama “Hope” design.

Luxury Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne Gift Set
Courtesy of: Dom Pérignon

The name Dom Pérignon has become synonymous with luxury, class and social stature.

When you are looking for that perfect gift, only a Dom Perignon champagne product will express that only the best is meant to be.

Take a look at the ultimate Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne Gift Set. This champagne gift will be beautifully presented and gift-wrapped.

The Power Trio is a sleek, black wooden case containing a fine bottle of Dom Perignon Vintage 2000, one bottle of Dom Perignon Rosé 1998, plus one bottle of Dom Perignon OEnothèque 1995.

Dom Perignon Vintage 2000 Dom Perignon is produced only in the finest vintages from grapes that are grown on 100% rated vineyards.

Grape fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks. At blending, Richard Geoffrey, Moet’s Senior Winemaker, has decided to combine 55% Chardonnay for its fresh fruity flavour and structure with 45% Pinot Noir. The combination was chosen to add both weight and richness.

Dom Perignon Rosé 1998 Conditions suitable for making Dom Perignon white vintage but does not guarantee the production of a Rose.

The unique pale salmon colour is achieved by the addition of still red pinot noir wine to a blend of still wines made from pinot noir and chardonnay. The pinot noir wine must be of exceptional quality.

The inclusion of chardonnay is important to the character of Dom Perignon Rose, a vital ingredient in producing a wine of perfect balance.

Dom Perignon OEnothèque 1995 Dom Perignon occasionally releases small quantities of the OEnotheque wines when they reach a peak in their quality.

The original bottles are kept undisturbed in the Hautvillier’s cellars. These wines offer a rare opportunity to experience mature Champagne aged in perfect conditions.

Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1869 wine
Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1869

A new record was broken for the world’s most expensive wine ever sold at an auction.

At the recent Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong, three bottles of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild 1869 vintage wine were each sold for a new all-time record of $232,692 (HK$1.8 million).

The Asian wine market continues to be strong for very expensive, top label wines.

The total of the entire Chateau Lafite collection auctioned off at Sotheby’s brought in an astonishing total of $8.4 million.

The Sotheby’s auction was held at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong ballroom. The announcement of the winning bid drew a thunderous applause from the other auction participants.

The Chateau Lafite collection consisted of 284 lots of Lafite, in addition to other chateaux that were owned by Domaines Baron de Rothschild.

The entire wine collection had been exclusively stored in cellars after being bottled, before their shipment to Hong Kong for the Sotheby’s auction.

Lafite reached the top of the first, official quality-based classification of Medoc wines back in 1855.

In 1868, the chateau was purchased by Baron James de Rothschild. Since that time the wine bottles have been proudly labeled as Lafite-Rothschild.

Gurkha Cigar

Gurkha is a luxury cigar brand, known for its smooth cigars and unique packaging. Gurkha Cigars have often been called “The Rolls Royce of Cigars.”

The company originated in India in the early 20th century, but is now located in the Honduras. But the luxury cigars, with their various blends of tobacco come from all over the Americas, including the fertile Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic.

Gurkha cigars are named after the fierce Nepalese warriors who in the early 19th century, won over the respect of the British army. Their combat skills have allowed them to bravely fight as special forces with the United Kingdom ever since.

The rich taste of Gurkha Cigars offer cigar lovers a wonderful to celebrate any major event such as weddings, anniversaries and New Year’s in luxury.

Gurkha boasts the most premium, high end cigars. They range from the most expensive cigar in the world – the His Majesty Reserve retailing at $750 to less expensive labels costing $12-$38. But regardless of the price, Gurkha still offers a very high quality stogie!

Many famous celebrities smoke the luxury stogie including – Matthew McConaughey, Alex Rodriguez, Joshua Jackson and Alec Baldwin.

The company has stated many times that their personal goal is to produce the finest vintage cigars in the world. With the high quality, luxury Gurkha cigars, they have truly accomplished that feat.

Gurkha Cigars

Champagne, a sparkling wine named after the Champagne region of France is the costliest wine to produce. To produce champagne there must be two fermentation processes, with the second step trapping carbon dioxide and making the bubbles. In most of Europe, the name “champagne” is legally protected meaning only the most expensive sparkling wine produced in the Champagne region of France can be marketed as champagne. In the United States and other areas, $3 bottles of wine are often labeled champagne.

People often drink Champagne as part of a celebration and when celebrating success many feel the need to show off. The most expensive champagnes are more about image than what is in the bottle.

Most expensive champagne - Cristal Brute 1990 Methuselah

Cristal Brut 1990 “Methuselah”
US $17,625

This six-liter, gold-labeled bottle of Cristal Brut 1990, dubbed the Methuselah, was sold at a Sotheby’s auction in New York to an undisclosed buyer in 2005. At the time, Cristal was a favorite of the hip-hop crowd.

World’s most expensive champagne - Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon White Gold Jeroboam

During the same year, a limited edition bottle of Dom Perignon became the most expensive champagne in the world. Sold in three-liter bottles, the Dom Perignon White Gold Jeroboam was sold to commemorate the New Year. Much of its price, however, is surely due to the white gold bottle from which the expensive wine takes its name.

World’s most expensive champagne - Perrier-Jouet

Pernod-Ricard Perrier-Jouet

Each of the 100 sets contains twelve bottles of fine, expensive champagne. Marketed only to the ultra-rich, buyers will have the chance personalize their drinking experience by choosing the liqueur used in the champagne—and they’ll have to fly to Eastern France to do so. The sets are being sold to consumers in the United States, Britain, Japan, China, Russia, Switzerland and France. The price even includes a storage nest where the champagne may be allowed to age for up to eight months!

World's Most Expensive Champagne - 1907 Heidsieck

Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck

These hundred year old bottles of Champagne from the Heidsieck vineyard in Champagne took over eighty years to reach their destination. Shipped to the Russian Imperial family in 1916, a shipwreck off the coast of Finland caused this champagne to be lost at sea until divers discovered over 200 bottles in 1997. Now they’re finally being sold—to wealthy guests at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow, at least. Of course, the wine’s extraordinary tale and incredible age are what makes it the world’s most expensive champagne.