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John Hardy Cinta Ring Collection
Courtesy of: John Hardy

The beautiful Cinta collection of luxury rings by John Hardy, showcases pieces that are individually inspired by a single unique gemstone.

Featured iconic pieces within this ring collection are luxurious Cinta Shell Rings, that are each created by combining shell with a precious gemstone. This extraordinary combination means no two rings will ever be the same.

Cinta, which means ‘Love’ in Balinese, is the name of John Hardy’s one-of-a-kind collection. While traveling around the world, Creative Director and Head Designer, Guy Bedarida finds unique gemstones that are truly captivating.

From each precious gemstone comes the inspiration for each masterpiece. The creation begins with a gouache water color drawing, traditional in French Haute Joaillerie.

Bedarida then combines the precious gemstone with organic natural materials such as bamboo and shell to create a one-of-a-kind piece that is unique and luxurious. Cinta Shell Rings are iconic in this line of one-of-a-kind pieces.

The combination of shell with precious gemstones means each ring is extraordinary in its own way as no two shells in this world are the same.

Cinta 18K Yellow Gold Marble Cone Shell Ring with Turquoise (10.52 ct.)

Cinta 18K Green Gold Marble Cone Shell Ring with Gold South Sea Pearl (2.99 ct.) Blue Paraiba Pasion Topaz (0.09 ct.), Peridot (3.61 ct.), Green Sphene (2.78 ct.) and brown Diamonds (1.58 ct.) Pavé

Cinta 18K Yellow Gold Marble Cone Shell Ring with Jade Lavender (12.04 ct.), Iolite Stone (6.05 ct.), Amethyst (4.27 ct.) and brown Diamond (1.18 ct.)


If you’re an aging bachelor and billionaire looking to wed someone half your age, you may want to look into expensive engagement rings. One such individual’s proposal to an ex-model involved a $1.5 million engagement ring. That may seem way out there, but it’s not even close to the most expensive ring in the world.

World's most expensive ring

The Chopard Blue Diamond Ring is the ring that makes any other diamond ring look bad. Set with an enormous, oval-shaped blue diamond, the expensive ring also has diamond shoulders and an 18k white gold band paved with diamonds.

Blue diamond is among the most expensive diamonds in the world. It is found among boron deposits, from whence it derives its shade. This particular gem weighs in at nine carats.

The world’s most expensive ring is valued at $16.26 million, enough to put a dent in the wallets of even the wealthiest individuals.