Swiss watchmaker Jaermann & Stubi, has a well known reputation for making luxury watches, including a unique series of fine watches that include a mechanical golf counter complication.

Jaermann & Stubi has teamed with famous professional golfer Seve Ballesteros, to introduce the Seve Ballesteros Golf Watch.

The Seve Ballesteros Golf Watch is a limited-edition watch, made from the clubs Seve actually used to win the 1991 Chunichi Crows Open in Japan.

Seve Ballesteros is a legendary Spanish golfer. Seve’s favorite color is blue so the watch includes a brilliant blue dial and bezel, as well as matching packaging.

A certificate personally signed by Seve Ballesteros, accompanies each watch.

The price of the watch starts around $19,000. The Seve Ballesteros Golf Watch features a unique counting mechanism that golfers can use to track the number of strokes taken at each golf hole.

The watch also keeps track of the total strokes per game, and displays the holes played as well as compares the score to the golfer’s own handicap.