Photocrash is a cool exhibition launched today at MossGallery in Melbourne, Australia.

It features the work of up-and-coming artist Marco Eychenne.

In their imaginative and surprising mix of realism and surrealism, Eychenne’s images offer delicious food for thought. These are images that have a staying power.

This is art that demands and affords a second look as there are many layers in each image. And every time you look, you see something you didn’t see before.

We love the odd sense of viscose liquidity of the images; the gooey, mixed-up tertiary colors, the glimpses of reality within the fantasy.

Marco Eychenne is fascinated by the celebrity lifestyle to which he puts his surreal twist. There is danger, glamour, desire, power, allure, surprise. And there is also something else, something even more sinister. Maybe transformation, deformity, the stretching of reality to something quite ghastly. Or is it all just a beautiful stretch of imagination?